Nutrition at Events

Henry County Fair

2015 was our fourth year serving as a healthy food vendor.  We sold fresh ham and turkey wraps on whole wheat tortillas, grilled chicken salads, veggie trays, fresh fruit, frozen fruit smoothies and a few other healthy options.  Board members volunteer their time each year to sell and promote healthy foods.

Old Threshers

2015 was our third year promoting the healthy food options at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion.  We promote items falling in the following categories:

-Fruits (100% fruit juices, fresh, and frozen or canned in own juice or light syrup)

-Vegetables – non-fried without added sauces

-Whole Grains (breads/buns, cereals, pasta, popcorn, chips, etc.)

-Heart Healthy Fats (mono/poly unsaturated oils, lean cuts of meat, baked/grilled meats, etc.)

-Low-Fat and Fat Free Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.)

-Other – sugar-free options, baked chips, unsweetened tea, low-fat/fat-free salad dressings