Preventing Exposure to Second Hand Smoke

Chris Kempker, Tobacco Prevention Coordinator, 319.385.8126,

There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. That is why we help multi unit housing complexes, worksites, and schools develop smoke free policies that help prevent any exposure to secondhand smoke.

Smoke Free Air Act 

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What is the Iowa Smokefree Air Act? In the spring of 2008, Iowa lawmakers passed legislation to protect most Iowans from Secondhand Smoke. The Smokefree Air Act prohibits smoking in almost all public places and enclosed areas within places of employment, as well as some outdoor areas. The law applies to: restaurants, bars, outdoor entertainment events and amphitheaters. It also covers places of employment such as office buildings, health care facilities, and child care facilities. Smoking is allowed on the gaming floor of a licensed casino, as well as designated hotel and motel rooms. Visit to learn more.

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Smoke Free Housing 

The IDPH has developed a website to help residents locate properties are smoke free. The site is continually being updated as managers are learning that almost 80% of renters prefer to live in smoke free environments. Visit to find properties in your county.  

If you would like help making all or part of your property smoke-free please call 319.385.8126.

Smoke and Tobacco Free Worksites

As more and more businesses are realizing the importance of the overall wellness of their employees, many worksites are working to add smoke free policies, as well as providing smoking cessation services to their employees. By doing this they are realizing how this helps in productivity, reduced absenteeism, and insurance costs. They know the health and well being of their employees is of utmost importance in having a successful business. To learn more visit

If you would like help making your business completely smoke and/or tobacco free please call 319.385.8126.