Children’s Health

Newborn Home Visitor Program

All newborn babies that live in Henry County are eligible for a home visit to share information on health, safety, parenting, growth and development, community resources and assistance with referrals. Telephone reassurance is also available. Home visits are free of charge. Services include:

  • Assessment of the infant
  • Weight check
  • Postpartum assessment
  • Assist with feeding concerns
  • Provide resources and information for new parents

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Lead poisoning prevention is an important Public Health Service. Lead poisoning is a silent disease:

  • You may not know if your home has lead paint—homes built before 1960 frequently have lead based paint.
  • Your child can have lead poisoning and not seem sick.
  • Children with lead poisoning may have learning disabilities and behavior problems. Serious cases can lead to death.

A blood sample from your child’s finger is all that is needed to obtain a lead level for your child. All Iowa children must have proof of a blood lead test before starting kindergarten or as soon after that as the parents are notified that the child needs a test. Testing is done during WIC Clinics and by appointment at the Public Health office. Children living in older homes commonly ingest lead through paint chips, dust, or soil around the exterior of the home. In the case of a child poisoned at 20ug/dl or more, a certified lead inspector will conduct an environmental inspection to identify lead hazards in the home.

Children's Health Screening

General screening services are offered in conjunction with the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Clinics held monthly in Mt. Pleasant at the First Presbyterian Church.  Services include:

  • Dental screening by a dental hygienist
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Social work services
  • Lead screening

Call 877-854-5640 to schedule an appointment for the WIC clinic.

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